# 13 – All’s well that end’s well

1. Who is your favorite character?
Answer: My favorite female character is Beatrice because she is self-confident, proud, tartly and eloquent. Her behaviour is unconventional and she loves her liberty.

2. You can either date Signor Benedick, Signor Claudio, Don Pedro or Don John. Who would you ask out on a date? Explain your choice.
Answer: I think I am too choosy for dating just one of them, because they all have character traits. I like Signor Benedick because of his humour and charm. I prefer Signor Claudio because of his emotionalism, sensibility and sensitiveness. I am into Don Pedro because of his maturity and his honourableness. I love Don John because he is the “bad guy” with a mystic aura and his outward appearance is very handsome! (Don John played by Keanu Reeves [hot!]  in the movie by Kenneth Branagh, 1993)

3. Which of the two marriages look more promising: that of Claudio and Hero, or that of Benedick and Beatrice? Take into consideration the behavior of the four characters during the plot.
Answer: At first it is important to figure out what “promising” means. From my point of view it does not mean that they live happily ever after  and there will be no divorce. I think it means that couple complements one another. It is about felicity, happiness, faithfulness and honesty.

Beatrice ♥ Benedick – humour is very important
– but are their feelings deep enough?
– finally they confessed their love
– their characters are very similar
Hero ♥ Claudio – very deep feelings
– but Claudio is doubtful
– is it an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

I think both of those relationships are wonderful and promising. It works if you have fun together and it works if you love each other!

4. Letter writing: Imagine you have just seen William Shakespeare on the street. There were so many things you wanted to ask/tell him about his latest comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Unfortunately, he was off to a press conference. So you decide to write him a letter instead. You may want to (and you should) make use of the following adjectives:

impressing [beeindruckend] – touching [berührend] – inspiring [inspirierend] – powerful [kraftvoll] – striking [bemerkenswert] – affecting [rührend] – unmemorable [nicht sehr beeindruckend] – implausible [unglaubwürdig] – up-to-date [aktuell]– dubious [fragwürdig] – improbable [unwahrscheinlich]– unconvincing [nicht überzeugend] – (un)realistic [(un-)realistisch] – cheesy (col.) [kitschig] – light-hearted [unbeschwert] – entertaining [unterhaltsam] – charming [reizend] – diverting [zerstreuend] – humorous [humorvoll] – enchanting [bezaubernd] – captivating [fesselnd] – romantic [romantisch] – gripping [spannend]– spellbinding [faszinierend] – mind-numbing [todlangweilig] – repetitive [sich wiederholend] – monotonous [monoton] – tedious [ermüdend] – outdated [überholt] – hilarious [lustig] – stilted [gestelzt] – constructed [konstruiert] – pretentious [prätentiös] – shallow [flach] – side-splitting [zwerchfellerschütternd] – contradictory [widersprüchlich] – inconsistent [ungereimt] – misleading [irreführend] – soppy [rührselig] – sentimental [sentimental]

“Dear Mr. Shakespeare,

There are so many things about “Much Ado About Nothing” I have been longing to tell you ever since I first read your comedy …

You are one of the most important playwright ever – and I am glad that you found the time to read my letter.

I have read your comedy “Much Ado About Nothing” in my English-course. And I enjoyed it especially because of the blog-project around this captivating and impressing piece of English literature! The language you used is very striking and inspiring! On the one hand there are touching and affecting tragic elements (e.g. the cancelled wedding between Claudio and Hero), on the other hand the entertaining and humorous disputations between Benedick and Beatrice are side-splitting and hilarious. Sometimes I was laughing, sometimes I was strained: The cheesy and light-hearted (and maybe shallow and implausible) happy-end makes me love your romantic and enchanting comedy set in Messina.

Kind regards to you and the 16th century ;-)


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# 12 – Towards the finish line!

TASK: Why do you think that Romeo and Juliet hast become more famous than Much Ado?

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous lovestory ever. The story of two young lovers and their destiny of a double suicide because of the hatred between their families. Everybody knows the plot of the tragedy around Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in the Italian Town Verona which has many twists and a fascinating tension arc. The audience hopes the best for Romeo and Juliet – till the end when the hope dies with the couple because of the tragic destiny. It shows the problems that love somethings creates – and the pressure on two loving people caught between the hatred of their families. Romeo and Juliet are not able to be together – they are “unhappy in love“, which is a emotion nearly everybody knows. Furthermore the conflict between children and parents when it comes to marriage is very common. Even today there are cultures that forbid to marry somebody of another culture. Maybe that’s why Romeo and Juliet became very popular: Many people are able to identify with the characters because of various reasons. “Much Ado About Nothing” is more unrealistic with it’s happy-end.

The plot of Romeo and Juliet is omnipresent: For example the American singer Taylor Swift creates a song about the topic of two lovers and their feuding families.

“I’m standing there  on a balcony in summer air.


… that you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles – and my daddy said: “Stay away from Juliet.”


Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run.


So I sneak out to the garden to see you.
We keep quiet cause we’re dead if they knew…


Romeo, save me! They try to tell me how to feel.
This love is difficult, but it’s real!
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess.
It’s a love story – Baby, just say yes!”

(Want to listen to the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift? Click!)


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EXTRA: Malapropism

May I have the appetite [( = Lust, Hunger) instead of pleasure ( = Vergnügen)] of the next dance?
(eyeballs him) I am not much of a dancer.
But your chassis [( = Körper, Fahrgestell) instead of body ( = Körper)] fluffs [( = sich versprechen) instead of promise ( = versprechen)] something else.
Excuse me. Are you okay?
Yes, everything is in tidiness [(= in Ordnung) instead of okay (= in Ordnung)].
Are you drunk or something?
No, I am sterile [( = steril) instead of sober ( = nüchtern)] and my intention [( = Zweck) instead of will ( = Wille)] was to hit you hard [( = dich treffen) instead of to meet you ( = dich treffen)].
(shakes her head and walks away)
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# 11 – Study Week: Photo Essay

TASK: Take a digital camera and create a photo essay from Hero‘s point of view in which she expresses her feelings. Upload the images to your blog and give each photo a caption in which you explain the photo. If you want to, you can link music from YouTube that fits your photos to your blog.

Creating a photo essay from Hero’s point of view? I’m up for it!And of course I had got very good support: the fascinating and charming Alex Kosoresow who is my favourite photographer-to-be.

(Check out his blog “No, Not Coco Chanel” about the beautiful things in life: fashion, inspiration, photography and art!)

Already before sunrise we packed our things (the dress, the shoes, the briad veil, make-up and the camera) and drove to the weir in Arnsberg.
Climbing over fences?
Wading through the ice-cold Ruhr?
Losing the white hat in the floods?
Curious onlookers on the other waterside of the river?

No problem for us!

Chilled to the bones, me wearing a short and showy black dress with high heels and red lipstick – and us waiting in the fog for the sunlight we began to takes photos – and we had lots of fun!

Act IV, Scene 1 - The Wedding

Hero is in pleasant anticipation of the wedding. She is on cloud nine. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 1 - 4)

She is confused and does not understand the answer of Claudio. Maybe she thinks that he is just joking. (Act IV, Scene 1, line 5)

Hero is a bit more relaxed now. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 6 - 12)

She still does not know how to interpretate the behaviour of Claudio. But she does not suspect anything bad. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 13 - 20)

Suddenly she realizes that Claudio has got doubts about the wedding and she becomes scared. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 21 - 29)

Her complete worlds falls apart. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 30 - 51)

Out of her huge desperation she asks Claudio if she ever seemed otherwise to him. (Act IV, Scene 1, line 52)

His mortifying answer makes Hero think that Claudio is not of sound mind an disposing memory. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 53 - 59)

Then also Benedick realizes that there seems to be no wedding. Hero screams out of total desperation "True, oh God!" (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 60 - 66)

Claudio wants Hero to tell him the truth. She answers with "Oh God defend me, how am I beset! What kind of catechising call you this?" (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 67 - 75)

Then there is nearly some kind of grilling between Hero and Claudio. But Hero finally assures "I talked with no man at that hour, my lord.". (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 76 - 82)

Now even Don Pedro puts in his two penn'orth and it seems clear that Hero is guilty. The pressure on her grows - she does not know any way out of this misery and faints because of shame and pain. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 83 - 105)


Faint of Hero. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 106 - 172)

Hero regains consciousness. "They know that do accuse me, I know none: If I know more of any man alive Than that which maiden modesty doth warrant, Let all my sins lack mercy. Oh my father, Prove you that any man with me conversed, At hours unmeet, or that I yesternight Maintained the change of words with any creature, Refuse me, hate me, torture me to death" Now it is the first time that Hero is really activ, self-confident and brave. She appears really virtous because she would give her life to prove her innocence and virginity. (Act IV, Scene 1, lines 173 - 180)

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# 11 – Study Week: Creative Text Design

These following lines are from Act IV, Scene 1, lines 53 – 58 and spoken by Claudio:

At first Claudio compares Hero to an innocent and pure angel.

Then there’s a kind of break – he compares Hero to the corybantic Venus.

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# 10 – Sonnet

What news, my sweet wenches?

I’ve tried to write a sonnet on my own – which really isn’t easy! So please do not mind the ehhhh creative iamb and new interpretated rhyme scheme (;


Weekend! It’s time for birthday-bash today.
We drink all night some cocktails and beer.
A party insane without us? What? No way!
And after dancing through the night it’s clear.

Weekend! It’s time for open day in school.
We show all day some class-rooms and stuff.
A party for two in the evening? Cool!
And after laughing through the night – we snuff.

Weekend! It’s time for sleeping till the lunch.
We chill and take some recreation now.
A memory comes to our minds like a punch.
And after working hard we take a bow.

Even though the weekend is often the same –
we are never bored because weekends aren’t lame!

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# 9 – Love vs. Hatred

TASK: Find a modern pop song or classical song in which the singer/composer expresses feelings that suit Claudio’s. Give reasons for your choice by quoting from the lyrics of the song or by describing the feelings that are being evoked by the song. (Attention: For reasons of copyright, do not upload the song onto your blog, but rather bring it on CD or an .mp3 player.)

fabian buch _ HELLO HELLO:

“what you mean you wanna talk about us?
who´s us?
there´s no me and you! [no me and you]
you should have thought about us when you was with him
you wasn´t thinking ’bout me…”

soko _ I’LL KILL HER:

“i’ll kill her, i’ll kill her
she stole my future, she broke my dream
i’ll kill her, i’ll kill her
she stole my future when she took you away”

simple plan _ YOUR LOVE IS A LIE:

you look so innocent but the guilt in your voice gives you away.
yeah, you know what i mean.
how does it feel when you kiss when you know that i trust you
and do you think about me when he touches you? could you be more obscene?”
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